ENGLISH Vocabulary ( 12 Dec 2017 ) : 5 Words

1. IMBROGLIO (NOUN): fight
Synonyms: bickering, brawl
Antonyms: harmony, agreement
Example Sentence: They had a lot of imbroglios in the past.

Synonyms: censure, denunciation
Antonyms: absolution, endorsement
Example Sentence: His actions deserve condemnation.

3. STEER (VERB): guide
Synonyms: escort, shepherd
Antonyms: abandon, obey
Example Sentence: His actions steered us to victory.

4. UNRAVEL (VERB): unfold
Synonyms: decipher, resolve
Antonyms: entangle, twist
Example Sentence: We unraveled the mystery of the corner room.

5. SUBSUME (VERB): include
Synonyms: incorporate, involve
Antonyms: exclude, ignore
Example Sentence: He subsumed a lot of details.

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